Monday, April 18, 2011

It's getting harder and harder to not shop, but I'm staying strong!  Spring is pretty difficult, because skirts and dresses are so appealing and I never feel like I really have the right dresses for every occasion.  This one ideal - classy, fun, knee length...but also $350.00.  Maybe someday.  
Tory Burch cotton-poplin dress
Real Simple

I think I could make something like this (read: I think my mom could sew me something like this.)  In addition to sewing new clothes, I've decided that trading for clothing is okay, too.  I'm drooling over this dress too, which I think would be a little harder to recreate, but a girl can dream!

Polli Says
Yesterday four other girls and I got together for a clothes swap.  I wish I'd taken a picture of the all the pieces that were up for grabs.  It was a pretty good pile!  We split everything into dresses, skirts, pants, tops, and accessories and went through one pile at a time.  I came away with 2 skirts, 2 dresses, and a new top.  I can't even remember what I took to contribute now (which just goes to show they were probably pieces I should have gotten rid of years ago) but I know that what I got rid of was easily three times what I took home, so I feel good about that.  I'm wearing one of the little dresses at work right now with leggings and my trusty dusty blue Minnetonka mocs and there's a good chance I'll be wearing this exact outfit at least once a week until it gets too hot to have even this much clothing on.  All in all, it was a really nice, restful weekend. 

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  1. haha, glad you like Turkey. I have family there, so it's like a second home.

    Read your're a brave one for not buying anything in 2011. That can be hard for a girl :)