Friday, July 29, 2011

DIY, Kate edition

While working oh-so-hard the other day at my job, I happened across this adorable project from Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Here's her finished product:
{via Cupcakes and Cashmere}
Isn't it lovely?
I thought about it all day long and decided I had to make one.  If there's one thing in plenty at my parent's house, it's old lumber and mason jars. 

First, a few things you should know about me:
1.  I worked in a hardware store for almost 5 years.  I did not get hired due to my construction skills.  I mean, I know which end of a hammer to use and how to insert a drill bit and lots of other things, but it's not exactly second nature to me.

2.  I hate planning projects.  All the instructional blogs I read say "here are the tools you'll need" and have them all laid out neatly on a tray:
{For example, a Little Green Notebook re-upholstery tutorial}
3.  I don't live at home anymore, and to add to the un-familiarity that comes with being out of there for a few years, my parents are remodeling and everything that used to be on the first floor is now in the basement, so I don't know where anything is times two.
Whatevs, I still wanted a floating vase.

 I wandered around our old shed for a while looking for the materials I would need, which consisted of 1. a piece of wood 2.  wire  and 3.  mason jar.  2 and 3 presented themselves quickly, but the lumber was harder to come by.  Finally I found a piece that was weathered just enough to make it pretty, but was still strong and not entirely crumbly.  After sawing off a piece with a pruning saw (NOT THE SAME THING AS A REGULAR SAW.  I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THEN HOW THE REST OF MY PROJECT WAS GOING TO GO) I took it inside and went to the basement to find my tools.

When she wasn't following me to the top of the basement stairs to make sure I was okay, she was lying here. See how worried she looks?
I came back up with a set of hex keys, a ball pein hammer, wire cutters, and pliers.  My plan was to make the holes by hammering in a nail, and then pulling the nail out.
Proximity of hammer (not ball-pein) to clean glassware.
Proximity of clean glassware to my workspace.
@#%!*! screw.  See the two nails there?
Here's the part where I called my brother and asked him if he knew were mom keeps her drill.  He said "I think it's under the back deck." Really? After another few confusing minutes I realized he thought I was asking where she kept the grill.  So not helpful.

 Eventually the two nails and screw did the trick.  Sorta. 

The left side hole still was not all the way through the board.

Last ditch effort.  Hex key for the victory.


Almost there!  Time to pick the flowers.

Have you ever seen a prettier, more perfect zinnia?
Didn't pick this, but it's gawjus.
In my mind, zinnias are the perfect summer flower.
They're hearty and bright and beautiful, and you can play the "he loves me, he loves me not" game

A friend of mine got attacked by a crazy cat when we were younger and she had to get shots in her butt for a long time.  But I guess that was rabies, not tetanus.  But still.

Finished product!  I haven't added the wire at the top to hang it, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.  

Can you see the slightly worried look in my eyes where I'm thinking "maybe I'll get tetanus!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

hoc verum est

LOVE this:

Do you see it?

I'm going to start lobbying for a "Realistic Fits" section in clothing stores.  It sounds a lot better than 'Plus Size' or 'Women's'.  I'd shop the heck out of a Realistic Fits section!  What the hell does Plus mean anyway?  Body Plus a butt? Body plus a chest?  Body Plus thighs?  Not only does it sound better and more welcoming, I think it would make people consider about the opposite: Unrealistic Fits.  Striving to be a size 0 or 2 if you're not born that way is unrealistic.  Squeezing into an outfit because you think it'll make you look good if you're wearing cool clothes is unrealistic.  Giving up yogurt and cheese and ice cream and avocados and beer and ribs and half-and-half is unrealistic! 

I love my realistic body. xoxo

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just call me Eve

I'm not great at standing up to temptation.  For the Fourth of July we took ourselves on a little road trip to a friends' cabin at Table Rock Lake in the Missouri Ozarks.  My mom had given me a few coupons to Kohl's, so I went to see if I could find a new swimsuit or two.  Unfortunately, the season for selection is quite over, but I found a few other things that I knew would be ideal for a road trip.  Here are my cheats:

Dress from Kohl's
Skirt from Old Navy (I got it for $2.47!)
I'm obsessed with the skirt.  It has pockets, it's roomy, it buttons up the front, and I think it's khaki enough that I'll even be able to wear it into the fall with tights and boots.  

As always, of course, a puppy is a girl's best accessory.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Made in USA and Guaranteed For Life

I've been going to Duluth Pack every day this week and drooling over these bags.  First off, they're made in Minnesota.  I, too, hail from Minnesota (kind of).  Two, they're just gorgeous.  And sensible.
Deluxe Tote Bag $80.00
Double Shell Bag, $75

I have a thing for canvas and brown leather. A serious thing.  Like I might love it.

Child's Pack, $70.00

If I have kids, they're carrying one of these so a) I can see them in a crowd b) they'll hate me for not getting them backpacks like their friends have and c) they'll love me when they grow up and realize they had the freaking coolest backpacks ever and HEY MOM WHERE'S MY OLD BACKPACK YOU GOT ME? I WANT TO TAKE IT TO COLLEGE! because it's guaranteed for life!