Friday, July 8, 2011

Made in USA and Guaranteed For Life

I've been going to Duluth Pack every day this week and drooling over these bags.  First off, they're made in Minnesota.  I, too, hail from Minnesota (kind of).  Two, they're just gorgeous.  And sensible.
Deluxe Tote Bag $80.00
Double Shell Bag, $75

I have a thing for canvas and brown leather. A serious thing.  Like I might love it.

Child's Pack, $70.00

If I have kids, they're carrying one of these so a) I can see them in a crowd b) they'll hate me for not getting them backpacks like their friends have and c) they'll love me when they grow up and realize they had the freaking coolest backpacks ever and HEY MOM WHERE'S MY OLD BACKPACK YOU GOT ME? I WANT TO TAKE IT TO COLLEGE! because it's guaranteed for life!

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