Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I did not buy anything yesterday.  But I've been eating an awful lot of these to feel like I'm successfully denying my cravings :/

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Throwing myself to the wolves

I'm sans puppy for a few days while David keeps her in Kansas City, so it's easy to revert back to my former after work schedule which consisted of doing nothing until bedtime.  Today is so cold and dreary that nothing is exactly what I feel like doing, but I also feel like challenging myself a little bit.  Today I got this dangerous GAP email.  I'm trying to remember, but I don't think I've even walked into a Gap since the beginning of 2011.  It's been too cold to even want to window shop, so I really have no idea what I've been missing out on.  Probably not much.  Anyway, after work I'm going to try to make myself go down and see if I can tempt myself with anything and then deny the temptation. 

PS  Looking back, I kind of want to kick myself for having spent so many hundreds of dollars at the Gap when I could have been using my card at Banana Republic for more quality items.  C'est la vie, I suppose.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This Luddite ain't too proud to admit it

In the last two days I have finally come to realize how awesome blogs are.

In the last two days I have finally come to realize how crazy blogs are.

I don't really know which of these sentiments to pick, and I could insert way more adjectives in the places of awesome and crazy and I still wouldn't be able to describe this world of blogging I have discovered.  I know, I know, I'm really late on the uptake.  I think the NYT had some story about Twitter being 5 years old this month and I absolutely do not believe it. I've been on it for 2 weeks and just the other day figured out what all the RTs stood for. I have RTed one post so far. (I'm kadelamore).  How long does this mean the iPhones have been around?  Things are moving fast.

Anywya, my wonderment regarding the blogosphere happened today when I discovered the "next blog" link at the top banner of all blogspot blogs.  I thought it would take me to the next blog on my "these are the blogs I'm following" list but NO! It took me to a completely random blog.  I clicked through too many to remember the exact titles, but here were some I happenstanced upon:

-Thoughts of a Black Mormom Girl

-Day to day writings of a mom who homeschools her kids and is worried because her daughter is into "thinking on her own" and "vera bradley"

-Mom of 8, going on 9 (that's 8 kids with one on the way, not an 8 year old)

-A conservative decadant American living in China (it seems he has a lot of ladyfriends, an ugly face, and a love for Glenn Beck.  Go figure.)

-A girl whose husband lives a few hours away for work.  She has a great list of ways to make long-distance relationships work and ways to have fun with them.

- A girl whose last entry from exactly a year ago was about Pete Yorn following her on twitter, and then stopping following all fans, and then picking her back up again.  It was a cute story.

All in all, I could "next blog" all day long and not get tired of it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Where did February go?  All of a sudden we're halfway through March and there are green things trying to sneak out of the ground.  Regardless of my nonexistent blogging prowess, I have managed to get to this point while sticking to my guns.  I have not purchased any clothing* thus far in the great year of 2011.

But now I have another reason to save my money.  World, let me introduce you to Bailey Larrybird Wetzmore. (If it's sideways, I'll try to fix it later.)

Also goes by B, B-baby, B-dawg, girly girl, Hey you, beeb

I know, I know.  You're thinking "surely that's a stuffed plush toy" or "photoshop," but let me assure you, we do actually have the world's cutest puppy living at my apartment.  She's a doll. 

*see list of allowed items