Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My mom is so pretty. Always has been. She'll be 60 this year and I think she looks exactly the same as the day these were taken which was probably over 30 years ago. My dad also looks exactly the same and can be found making that face approximately 95% of the time.

My mom has magical olive skin that gets tan in about 30 seconds the first sunny day of the year.  I used to get asked a lot if her background was Mediterranean, but I'd have to say no, mostly Norwegian. My dad's explanation is that the Vikings up in Scandinavia plundered and pillaged all the way down to the Ottoman Empire and plenty of dark haired, olive skinned beauties were likely carried north when they went home again. Booty, if you will.


  1. This is neat. Isn't it cool how much your respect, admiration, and love grows for your mom as you grow up? Very sweet.