Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SF: Last day first - Uniqlo

We stopped in Uniqlo's new store in San Francisco just before heading to the airport to go home. My thought process went from "so this is kinda H&M-ey" to "holy heather sweater and camel cardigan, why didn't I know more about this place and save all my money for it?" in a matter of minutes, and only got stronger on the 3 hour flight eastward (read: away from Uniqlo). I bought a few things: a pair of green jeans for $10.00, a polka dot scarf, and this cute Orla Kiely dress that kind of makes me look a 12 year old wearing a nightgown, but which I think will look slightly more mature with a belt and boots. Also, I won't lie, it's a little fun being maybe the only person in Kansas City who has it. (I doubt it, actually, but y'know.)
WOMEN O.Kiely 3/4 Sleeve Dress D
 David snagged one of the mags created for the opening of the new store and as I read it on the plane, I realized just how awesome Uniqlo is. I mean, Novak Djokovic is their "cultural ambassador" or whatever. Duh. But mostly, their "Made For All" campaign really speaks to me as someone who has a lot of difficulty feeling both comfortable and semi-stylish in most clothing. The majority of the pieces I saw in the store were obviously not concerned with being "trendy" as much as they were about being accessible and reasonable. I'm kicking myself for not buying the smoky blue silk smock dress or this red one, or the polka dot (!) vest (!!!). Oh well - there's always next time!

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