Monday, September 16, 2013

On Belief and Breaking Bad

We ended a weekend of general carousing with a showing of The Faculty, that modern masterpiece starring Josh Hartnett's hair and Usher and ugly-but-then-she-takes-off-her-glasses Famke and John Stewart and Elijah Wood and Piper Laurie. You know the movie: aliens start taking over all the humans and it's up to the last two outcast high schoolers to save the planet. Everything about the movie was completely unbelievable, but we watched it all and accepted every silly, goofy little thing, right up until the point Josh Hartnett's character is dressed for football practice and not five seconds after taking off his helmet he takes a drag off of a cigarette that has just inexplicably appeared from out of nowhere. Was someone holding it for him? Where did he get a lighter out of those tight football pants? Why is it already half smoked? Will someone please explain what is going on here?

We're willing to suspend belief for such huge things that when the details don't match up they stand out as glaringly obvious. Last night's episode of Breaking Bad had just a few such moments:

1. How did Todd not see Jesse under the car? There are literally two places he had to look - inside the car and under the car. Todd was all "he probably ran down the wash. That's what I'd do." but if you really consider being in a shootout, I think it's pretty clear that you'd roll out of the car and try to make yourself as flat and inconspicuous and un-shootable as possible. So you get under the car. Todd's not that stupid, but I guess how else would the writers get Walt in a position to rat out Jesse?

2. I definitely need to re-watch, but I don't remember Jesse ratting out Marie. I thought he said "just him and his partner, that's it!" even though I can't really imagine Jesse having the guts or brains to protect Marie or anything like that.

I've been (pretending to be) mad at David for jumping on the Breaking Badwagon (see what I did there?) only at the start of this season. He hasn't known Tuco or the twins or Badger and Skinny Pete. He hasn't known Gale Boetticher and he didn't get to see Gus poison Mexico's drug lords with the tequila. He hasn't experienced the exploding tortuga. So it was not with a small amount of glee that I got to hear him ask last night "wait, who's Jane?"

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