Thursday, June 2, 2011

'Tis the Season

We have already been to 4 (!) weddings this year. The first one was in February when it was really cold outside, so I planned ahead and found the perfect dress by Suzy Chin way back in November. It was super comfortable and I thought it looked pretty good. I hope I have more opportunities to wear it when it cools down again!
. I wore it with some gold wedges I got off Zappos. They were really cute and mostly comfortable, but after I took them off I couldn't feel my toes for about 4 days, so I returned those suckers. Thanks for always being awesome, Zappos.

Wedding no. 2 was on a beautifully warm day in the beginning of April. I pulled out a little black dress I bought at a Gap outlet a year and a half ago but had yet to wear and put with it a pink cardigan from Urban Outfitters that I'm pretty sure I bought in 2003, and some Target heels. We danced all night long and rode home in a stretch Excursion. Talk about a par-tay.

Weddings 2 and 3 were both on the same rainy, misty, cloudy Saturday, but they were both beautiful and special and perfect for both couples getting married. There's nothing like seeing your friends be totally happy and in love on a special day just for them. To get ready, I asked David's sister-in-law if she wanted to go shopping at the Legends with me, a ridiculous outdoor mall-like place with tons of outlet stores and misbehaving children. It's a weird place. Gap Outlet was a bust, but the Banana Republic Outlet got me into a bit of trouble. Jenn found a really pretty wrap dress that I thought would work, but next to that was another pretty pink wrap dress, so I had to get both. I also picked up a straw and faux leather clutch that I think is adorbs. I tried both on for David when I got home and he agreed they both looked good, but a few days later we were talking about what all we had to do to make it to both weddings, and he asked me if I would wear the pink dress.

I wanted to wear the patterned one, but after I tried both on for my mom she agreed that the pink one was the better of the two.

I'll find more pictures to put up soon!

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