Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Food for thought

I wish you could plug me in like a cell phone.  I need recharging.  Any of these places would help.

Acropolis overlooking Assos, Turkey (2008)
 (my camera developed a spot, unfortunately.)

Twisp, Washington
I'm just feeling a little out of sorts. I feel impatient, but I'm not waiting for anything in particular.  Maybe it's just the shock that comes from it already being December and putting things on the schedule for 2012.  Ever since I heard a story to this effect on NPR I get a little depressed when I realize it's my perception of time that's making it seem to go so fast:

"The passage of time is about the ordering of events, things that happen one after another. Numbers, some say, are devices that were created to help us order time. Maybe, although counting chicks is also very useful if you are a hen. However, if we are to order events, we must remember them. Ergo, the perception of time is deeply related to memory. If our memories were to be erased, we would revert to the wonder of babyhood, where time extends forever. The more we have to learn, the more memories we make, the slower time passes. Routine, sameness, makes time speed up. Since routine is not usually equated with fun, this seems to go contrary to the "time flies when you're having fun" dictum."

I want to learn more. I need to learn more. I miss learning so badly it hurts my heart. I need a new routine.

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  1. what cha gonna do lady bug? where ya want to go? what ya want to learn?

    i wanna know bout it.