Thursday, December 15, 2011


It would be so much easier if I could just buy all my own Christmas presents. I'm not good at asking for things. I've hated it my whole life. Example: when my grandma took me and my brother to Toys R Us and said we could get anything we wanted, I wandered through the entire store feeling too guilty to pick anything and ended up with a little bag of bouncy balls that was by the cash register. I did make a list of books and other little things on Amazon and mailed it to my family. They asked!

Here are some things I would buy myself:
Image of {She: Me, My Life, My Days} ~ Personal Journal 1.0
Diary from  $17.75

leopard iphone 4 case
Kate Spade iPhone 4 case - $40.00
Penguin Books iPhone Case
Penguin Books iPhone 4 case - $35.00 (this site has a lot of wonderful cases)

Derek Foreal
DANNIJO rings - particularly the gold and silver - $38.00 ea
Knottedrush Ring
Knottedrush Ring from Bario-Neal.  I'm obsessed with this slender gold ring.
I will probably end up buying it for myself if I can't get over it!

So, just a few little items I find myself dreaming about. In all honesty I'd be perfectly happy with a gift certificate to my favorite masseuse and a good bar of chocolate. Or four. Of each. But mostly the massage. Or chocolate.

Merry Christmas.

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