Wednesday, February 27, 2013

...and then George Takei posted our snow creation on Facebook...

So, this last week has been ridiculous. For many reasons.

First off, the weather: it's been decades since Kansas saw the kind of snow we've had these last two weeks. In between storms we went to Lawrence and stayed the night with our friends Corey and Megan. After a lovely walk downtown for brunch at 715 we moseyed our way back, discussing the upside-down snowman Megan had dreamed of building. Which didn't happen. But something better did: Snowda

So, we built Snowda, posted some pictures on Instagram and Facebook for our friends to see, and that's it. Right? No. First, the local paper included a picture of Snowda along with some other amazing creations from around town. Then, the incomparable F*ck You, I'm From Kansas! posted a picture on their page. David and I kept updating each other last night with "did you see? It's been shared 500 times!" and "look! A thousand 'likes'! Fun!". THEN, this afternoon, this happened on Facebook:

It's basically the ultimate geek approval. Ever. We thought we were good when an 10 year old kid told us "yeah, it looks pretty cool" while we were building it (I mean come on, 10 year olds are super hard to impress!)  Pretty much the only way it could get better from here is if Ellen shares it or President Obama (in that order).

May the Force be with you!