Friday, February 22, 2013

starting to feel like home...

When I lived alone, on weekend nights that I didn't drive to be with D in KC or he couldn't get to me in L-town because of work or other obligations, I always managed to somehow stay up super late (after 11:00p is super late for me, to be honeest) bingeing (binging??) on netflixed TV, or making cookies or doing crafts or reading too many blogs (design/mommy/funny/wedding/funnydesignymommy) until late in the night, to the point that the dog would put herself to bed and I would begin to nod off at the keyboard.  I haven't really had many of these kinds of nights since moving to KC, because all the hours together are just better than the ones spent alone, but I still relish in the moments I have to myself because although they are to myself, I'm a mere few steps away to my loves in the other room rather than being 40 miles away from a complete heart. 

So tonight I felt like sitting up late by myself in the dark, catching up on online-y things, and post a few catching-up things for myself:

My brother's girlfriend adopted a one-eyed dog who is just about the cutest thing since sliced bread/my dog:

we got a record snow here in the midwest - D got a snow day while I worked and had meetings from home (Google hangouts - you're pretty great!):

snow day all day with my love:

I'm pretty sure the technical term is "snow zoomies":

FINALLY getting to utilize the amazing Sorel boots D got me for my birthday 2 years ago - they're the most amazing boots ever (paired with flannel and eddie bauer warmness for the victory):

And it's just about March, for the love of goodness. 

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