Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Winter Times

Going into this winter, I feel like I'm actually prepared. Not just with clothes and things, but mentally, too. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the way we have the living room arranged, or all the plants I have around the place now, or the new tiny lamp we put on one of the bookshelves that has single-bulbebly transformed the entire room. Also, I started singing in a church choir again, so it could be those few hours each week where I'm just focusing on the notes on the page and my breathing, and not my phone or the dirty kitchen or the TV that's making a difference. Regardless, here are a few products that are also helping me out:
Dove STYLE+care Invigorating Dry Shampoo 
In an effort to save my skin and hair from the stresses of cold weather, I'm focusing on not showering every day and trying to wash my hair as little as possible. I have tried so many dry shampoos, ranging everywhere from $4 to $20, and this Dove dry shampoo is hands down my favorite - and the cheapest! It really makes my hair look and feel less oily, and I love the texture it creates. (My next favorite is Matrix, fyi!)
L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Iconic Muse Collection
This one's for fun! This color looks exactly like that perfect army green jacket you were coveting all fall, but just as you were about to splurge it got really cold and all you wanted was a big coat. A little grey, mostly green - it's perfect.
Spectrum Naturals Almond Oil - 8 oz
This has been my mom's go-to moisturizer for as long as I can remember, and recently I've started using it, too. The first time we went to Cancun, my face flipped out the first night I washed it with a face wash, so this year I opted for cleansing with oil to remove the salt, sand, sunscreen, and sweat that had accumulated throughout the day, and it worked - no dry scaly breakouts this time! And it's so soothing in the winter, too. I use it all over my body and on my face and lips. (For my face, I made a mixture of almond oil, EVOO, and vitamin E oil and a tiny bit of essential oils.) Plus, I think it's helping my nails and cuticles.
My friend started making all-natural products this year, and now I swear by this sun balm. I put it on every morning that I'm not wearing Bare Minerals for protection from the sun and for moisturizing. It smells a little almond-y and I love it.
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, Fragrance Free - 2 oz
Just trust me on this one. Get yourself some Norwegian Formula Neutrogena. You can thank me later.

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