Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kitten Adventures

So a while back I saw this headline at on the Huffington Post about a golden retriever and kitten who became the best of friends, and couldn't help but share my own treasure trove of adorable animal photos. Back in September someone at work found a tiny, itty bitty kitten in a box in one of our warehouse sheds. He was so young, maybe 2 weeks, and his ears were still flat, his tail was stubby, and he could hardly walk or see. There was no sign of mom or of any more kittens, so he put the little thing in a box and brought it, crying, into my office. I took it to my vet and they showed me how to feed him with a syringe and kitten milk, and so I took him home and set about raising him up big and healthy. 

Bailey gladly did her part to clean him up after his feedings.

The watched the leaves and squirrels out in the front yard to make sure no intruders were allowed too close.

They found the softest spots to take naps.

5 months later, we had one of the most strikingly gorgeous young cats I've ever met.

More naps - dog beds work just fine as cat beds, fortunately.

Sunday afternoon snoozin', the day before I took him to his new forever home.

Bon voyage, little kitty! We loved having you around!

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