Friday, April 13, 2012

What They Didn't Teach You In Art Class

I got an Easter basket of sorts last week from my mom's best friend with things like Butter London nail polish and fancy NARS lipstick. I've never worn Butter London before because it's rather pricy for a nail polish (or cosmetic in general, for that matter) but holy smokes - the quality is absurdly fantastic. I judge a nail polish by how easy it is to get off as well as its staying power (that's what she said?), and this stuff came off really easily. Anyway, I had this purply color on my nails this week and while I love the hue, I hated it at the same time because I couldn't figure out what it reminded me of! Grape Laffy Taffy? Lilacs?  I wish I could just say "purple" or "violet" or "grape", but no, it's probably called "Iris Mahogany Ambition" or "Knock-knock who's there? It's me, Dark Lavendar!" So I came up with a genius idea:

Crayola crayon colored nail polish.

Well, crap.

Actually, on second thought, those suck. Scented nail polish? I haven't been interested in scented nail polish since 1997. The scent was Sunflower. I think I still have it. I bought it at a store called Vanity. I remember lots of really specific details about 5th grade, apparently. And I don't throw anything away. Also, sunflowers don't really have a scent, so... 
64 Colors
But seriously - how awesome would it be to have Midnight Blue nail polish? Or just straight up Red or Yellow-Green, or Thistle or Goldenrod? But hold the phone - there are way more colors now than when I was coloring outside the lines. Did you know? You can learn lots of interesting history about our country and its relationship with color:

- "Flesh" was renamed "Peach" in 1962
- "Prussian Blue" was renamed "Midnight Blue" in 1958
- "Indian Red" was renamed "Chestnut" in 1999  (Seriously? 1999? Way to be culturally insensitive for a really long time, Crayola.)
They also got rid of the name "Torch Red" at some point. Maybe arson wasn't funny anymore or something? Anyway, I found all of this incredibly interesting and I want to go see if I can my childhood art stuff. (My mother also never gets rid of anything, even though she pretends to.) So if OPI or Essie suddenly comes out with colors like Fuchsia and Cornflower and Indigo and you have a flashback to fighting over the non-broken crayons in 2nd grade, tell them I came up with the idea first!

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  1. Haha! I always loved Crayola crayons.
    Poor, politically incorrect Crayola ;)