Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I don't really fall into the whole "holidays are too commercial, man!" spectrum of people who like to come out of the woodwork (well, they're not really in the woodwork in the first place, I suppose) in December and February and various other times of the year. If you're rebelling against "feeling the way society tells me to feel" on every single holiday with color themes and special Hallmark commercials, I think you're  the one missing out on the big picture.

You're edgy. I get it.
It's kind of like my argument against people who hate Pinterest - if you feel like you have to rebel and rail against it, you're doing it wrong. That's not to say I'm urging conformity or that the only way to have a successful Valentine's Day is to buy or receive candy and chocolates and flowers. I think the wonderful thing about holidays is how they make everyone feel, regardless of gifts. And the prevalence of said candy and chocolate and the increased likelihood that someone might just give you candy and chocolate for free!

Annual heart valentine from my mom
 I remember one Valentine's day in junior high - I didn't have a boyfriend, had never had a boyfriend, didn't get much attention from boys, and wouldn't have a boyfriend for a number of years to come. What I did have, however, were lots of boys who were friends and lots of girls who were friends and we were all friends with eachother. I don't remember any valentines being passed out that day, but I do remember the particular feeling of giddiness in the lunchroom that day. The sporty rich pretty kids sat with the band geeks and the dorks were friends with the tough kids and there was just something in the air. Conversation hearts were flying from table to table like little love projectiles and everyone was flirting, but not flirt-flirting, and just loving the day. 

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