Wednesday, June 13, 2012


23 years later


I need to take lessons from my 2-10 year old self. I used to play dress-up all the time (or be played with, like a big doll. <3 my cousins) and not care what I looked like. Now I'm 6' and really strong and I just feel big. Not fat by any means, but big. I can bench over 100 lbs. I can squat more than double that. I revel in my strength and my abilities, but it's hard to fit them into some of the things I think I might like to wear.

But it's not distressing. Just thoughts.


  1. I used to worry that my body type wasn't slim enough for the clothes I liked–how silly!

  2. gal, i'll play dress up anytime. it's one of my favorite things.