Wednesday, June 27, 2012

bring it back

Let's* bring this great name back:

Those great old names are all coming back - Oliver, Max, Henry, Owen - I think Abner would work really well. Ab. Abe. Abie.
Nobody's really going to remember this comic soon, right?
-Abner was the name of the pet pig in Hey, Arnold! (I loved that cartoon.) (Also, I love pigs. We had a pig one time, his name was Hector.)
-The name is Hebrew, meaning "father of light."
-Abner Doubleday probably invented baseball.
-Bonus - it's gone way down in popularity in the last 200 years. Which probably means it's time for a comeback, right? (Thanks for the info, Nameberry)
-Bonus bonus - it doesn't rhyme with anything nasty that I can think of.

*By "let's" I mean "let the other** people having babies bring this name back."
** By "other" I mean "let those people*** having babies bring this name back."
*** By "people" I mean ladies. With lady parts. Having babies. Which doesn't mean they all name their babies. I suppose I should say "let the people naming babies bring this name back."  Unless you're letting your child name him or herself, in which case you should be really impressed that your kid came up with Abner instead of Unicorn or Kittycat.

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