Monday, July 2, 2012

Here I Go

I've been loving on my hometown so hard lately. Knowing now that I'm a step closer to moving away from it for the first time is incredibly exciting and quite difficult.
The Flaming Lips played two shows last week and the 2nd night was projected on a screen outside so everyone who didn't get a ticket could drink beer outside and enjoy the spectacle

Walking home from the Thursday Farmer's Market with a bag of plums and my puppy dog, Breezy Beezy Bailey B

Flowers for sale outside an apartment for retirees (I can just picture the little white haired ladies and gents who planted, grew, and picked those flowers)

But Kansas City is nice, too. Really nice. I'm so excited for this next step.


  1. There's something wonderful about being able to appreciate your hometown, but the next adventure sounds incredible!

  2. that photo of your dog is really cool. I love the angle! Great eye :)