Friday, July 13, 2012

Because sometimes I leave tabs open for a week and don't get around to reading them...

me too, Bailey.

The most beautiful children's books of all time
Radiolab's Mirror, Mirror podcast - what if who you see in the mirror isn't you at all?
Counterfeiting  is an art
I don't know if you were following potential lawsuit against The Oatmeal, but here's where to start. Here's where it stands now.
Star Wars happened here! And hasn't changed! Well, the outside, anyway. (via boing boing)
And last, but not least: You are your bellybutton lint. You're welcome. (Except for David. His is neither concave, nor convex. tmi? no doubt.)

Right now I'm going to do dishes, sweep the stairs, and get my things together for the weekend. While listening to Harry Potter. Want to know something about me? I have 6 of the 7 HP audiobooks and I listen to them all.the.time. We'll see how well that goes over when D and I move in together.

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